Monique Lhuillier Campaign Kickoff

Submitted by Animal Defense League – Southern California:

On Fur Free Friday, Animal Defense League Southern California had the privilege of helping kick off the Monique Lhuillier Cruelty Campaign.

Monique is one of the wealthiest individual designers in the world, profiting for years from the brutal torture of fur-bearing animals. She had thus far avoided activists, but as more and more designers and retailers go fur free, she no longer gets a pass.

Monique may be able to ignore the suffering of helpless animals, but with thirty protestors and four megaphones, she certainly could not ignore us outside of her West Hollywood flagship store.

Monique enjoys the sadistic daily violence perpetrated upon innocent minks and foxes on fur farms, so we’re sure she enjoyed seeing images of it documented on the large signs we held to educate the public about her moral crimes. Activists also used red smoke flares to symbolize the blood on her hands.

Ironically, the compassionate activists outside of Monique’s store made certain to wear masks and social distance, while Monique’s sale of fur is helping promote Covid outbreaks and dangerous viral mutations worldwide.

We hope Monique had as much fun as we did.

There is only more to come.

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