ADL-Oklahoma Protests Outside Monique Lhuillier’s Trunk show

Submitted by Animal Defense League – Oklahoma:

On December 5, members of the Vegan Knights Motorcycle Club and Animal Defense League Oklahoma joined forces to raise awareness of the atrocities that happen on fur farms worldwide. JJ Kelly Bridal is an Oklahoma City bridal shop that has no need to participate in this cruel industry, and yet that Saturday they held a trunk show in partnership with notorious fur designer Monique Lhuillier. So we showed up to let them know that doing business with animal abusers is not in their best interest.

In spite of this being the weekend, and the day of an important trunk show, JJ Kelly Bridal locked their doors, closing themselves to the public for the duration of our protest. Only one person crossed the protest line to knock on the locked door and patronize the store. In an attempt to stifle our freedom of speech, JJ Bridal also called the police – but we will not be silenced from speaking up for Monique Lhuillier’s victims.

At one point, the city’s tornado sirens went off for weekly testing, generating more public attention and further dramatizing the battle between good and evil playing out on this everyday street.

We want to send a message loud and clear to Monique Lhuillier: no matter the size of the city, or the nature of the event, activists will be there to raise our voices to oppose the use of fur in your collections. This is a dying business. You have no excuse to use real fur from the backs of tortured animals.

We will continue to fight relentlessly – at your doorsteps and at those of your business partners – until you stop abusing animals for vanity and greed.

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