Los Angeles Storms Saks Fifth Avenue

Submitted by independent activists in Los Angeles on December 12, 2020:

Activists arrived today at Saks Fifth Avenue’s west coast flagship in Beverly Hills ready for action. We stormed the store, making sure that every customer inside learned about the brutality perpetrated by Saks against animals on fur farms.

Saks was clearly happy to see us, because they brought out their best security guards to say hello and hear what we had to say. We made sure to oblige, letting them know that we will never stop acting as a voice for their voiceless victims.

Appropriately for agents of violence, Saks guards got physical and attempted to push us peaceful protesters out of the store, using their bodies to herd us towards the exits. But the animals on fur farms can’t leave, so we were determined that we would not leave either until we had made our point.

We finally decided to depart, and Saks thought they were rid of us. But we showed up again an hour later to continue our protest, and spent most of our time at the back parking lot entrance used by most customers, while Saks employees embarrassed themselves freaking out like children. These sadists even made a show of laughing as we spoke about the horrors of gassing and anal electrocution. This from an institution that projects itself as a paragon of class and professionalism. No wonder Saks security has been exposed in court for lying and corruption.

Saks and its parent company, Hudsons Bay Company, are the subject of an international campaign. This unified action by multiple cities makes them ideal for corporate campaigning, far superior to randomly protesting different retailers headquartered on other continents. Nearly all of Saks’ competitors have abandoned fur: this is a winnable victory, if we keep up regular pressure on this single business.

Saks, rest assured that we will be back.

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