Los Angeles Activist Chalks Alice + Olivia

Submitted by an independent activist in Los Angeles:

The animals imprisoned on Alice + Olivia fur farms are trapped there every day. And Stacey Bendet profits from their suffering every day. So we should be taking action to help them every day.

I am only one person, but I went to the A+O Melrose store with chalk and wrote messages to let the public know about A+O’s animal cruelty:

“A+O kills animals”
“Alice + Olivia murders animals”
“Animal abusers”

One person acting alone can make a difference in this campaign.

Every single city, every single action – no matter how small – makes a difference. When we work together against the same company, we can all contribute in whatever way feels best. And I know that by writing a report like this, Stacey Bendet will hear about even the smallest action.

It doesn’t matter if you are alone or have thirty friends – get out there and take action against Alice + Olivia.

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