Philadelphia Disrupts Saks Fifth Avenue

Submitted by Revolution Philadelphia:

The fur industry is one of the most vile and inherently cruel industries. The animals whose fur is ripped from them need it more than humans do–it’s quite literally their own skin. Anywhere from 200 squirrels to 100 chinchillas to 30 rabbits are killed to make just one fur coat. Animals are kept in cramped, squalid conditions then anally electrocuted while still alive to preserve their fur.

This violent, unethical industry has no place in today’s day and age when we have so many other options. Major retailers like Macy’s and Bloomingdales have already gone fur-free. Saks Fifth Avenue however will not stop selling fur in their stores even after multiple attempts from activists to communicate with them. Revolution Philadelphia has joined forces with organizations in a multi-city pressure campaign to get Saks to stop selling fur in their overpriced stores.

On Saturday, January 16th,  2021 activists disrupted the store and protested outside for hours to spread awareness that fur belongs to the animals. We will not stand for animal exploitation in the name of vanity. We will protest and put pressure on unethical stores until every cage is empty and no animal is ever killed for their skin. 

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