Pair of NYC Activists Disrupt A+O

Submitted by NYC Activists:

This past Sunday, January 17, two of us broke the silence on Madison Avenue & disrupted Alice + Olivia’s store.

As we walked in, we immediately saw someone’s skin on the floor as a rug, & two customers wearing fur. One was wearing a Canada Goose Jacket & the other one was wearing an animal on her head. This gave a great opportunity to highlight how stores participate in the normalization of wearing animals’ body parts by selling them as “luxury.”

We made sure that the customers checking out left very well aware of not only the result of cruelty they were wearing but of the store they were shopping at, too.

As we left the store, we told them that as long as they kept selling animals’ fur, they would hear from us. It’s true, & it won’t just be from us. The era where it’s acceptable to torture minks, foxes, etc & wear their bodies is gone. People all across the world are fed up & will fight until this is seen through.

So yes, Alice + Olivia, get with the times & drop fur, or rest assured you will hear from MANY more of us again.

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