Chicago Invades Alice + Olivia Storefront

Submitted by Chicago activists:

On Monday, January 18th around 5pm, Chicago activists descended upon Alice + Olivia for their participation in the violence of animals in the fur trade. 

Activists walked into the Magnificent Mile location, where police cars sat idle on the street at every corner, with sirens blaring. Once sirens ceased, a speak out commenced demanding that A+O go for-free and that we will continue to show up and demand justice for animals until they do so. 

The employee rushed customers into the back area, immediately calling the police who showed up within seconds, as they were close-by. The officer stood before the activists, as they finished amplifying their voices and demanding the company to cut ties with the fur trade.

The employee eventually told officers that we had to leave. So, we were escorted out the door to continue our demands by bringing awareness to the public on the streets about A+O’s participation in violence towards animals. As we exited, the employee locked the door behind us, an hour before their intended closing time. 

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