Georgia Joins the Campaign Against Alice + Olivia

Submitted by Atlanta activists:

Monday, January 18th: five activists congregated in front of Alice + Olivia in Atlanta, Georgia to protest the store’s use of animal fur. 

The sole customer was let out of the store and the two employees decided to close the front door and lock it, but not before the activists’ message echoed loudly throughout the store. 

A security guard approached, but he knew he could do nothing as activists were on public property. 
Three police vehicles arrived only to gather across the street and observe for a short time and listen to complaints by unidentified people before dispersing, leaving the complainers and security to watch the demonstration until the activists left. 

During the event, activists held Alice + Olivia accountable for selling animal fur and demanded that they go fur-free. Activists spoke out individually about the horrors of the fur trade as well as conducting loud chanting. 

As protestors were leaving they chanted all the way down the street, including the chant “we’ll be back, you don’t know when, but we’ll be back.”

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