Local Los Angeles Bunny Seeks Revenge on Alice + Olivia

Submitted by a rabbit:

Alice + Olivia makes its money murdering poor animals and using their skins as fabric. As a free bunny, I can no longer sit by and watch as Stacey Bendet gruesomely cuts up my relatives. I am hopping mad.

So, today, Monday, January 18, I raced over to my local Alice + Olivia boutique on Melrose Avenue with a fun gift.

To celebrate the recent launch of the national campaign against Alice + Olivia, I brought a beautiful bunch of eighteen helium balloons. These balloons were special, because tied to them was a small sign reading “Go fur free or deal with us,” and a dollar store window alarm.

The speciesist Alice + Olivia employees tried to block this bunny from getting into the store to give them their gift. But I burrowed right past them.

Those employees ignore the suffering of animals in the fur trade every day. But when my balloons floated to the store’s high ceiling with the alarm blaring, they sure took notice of me and my message. Then, with a twitch of my nose and a shake of my tail, I was off.

What an effective use of one hour and $20! If one single rabbit can do this, anyone can.*

This rabbit vows to return week in and week out, until Stacey Bendet makes a public announcement that Alice + Olivia is going fur-free.

*[Note: CAFT USA does not control or endorse this independent leporid author. Always research your local ordinances before any protest activity, and comply with applicable law.]