SoCal ADL Returns to A+O After Four Days

Submitted by Animal Defense League – Southern California:

Last Thursday, we had the privilege of helping launch the national Alice + Olivia Animal Cruelty Campaign at their Melrose store. But Stacey Bendet’s stores are open every day of the week, so every day is a good day to speak up for her victims. That’s why we decided today, Monday, January 18, to hold a protest at the Beverly Hills location.

With fifteen activists and seven megaphones in tow, we marched in and took over the store. The two employees had no idea what to do. While they frantically made phone calls, we chanted about the nightmare of life on a fur farm.

Beverly Drive, one block off Rodeo Drive, is full of foot traffic, and countless passersby stopped to see what was going on. The storefront is completely open, so our message was heard loud and far. How embarrassing for someone as pathologically image-obsessed as Stacey Bendet.

We were never asked to leave, but made the decision to move to the sidewalk. For forty minutes, we continued holding Stacey Bendet accountable for the horrors that she visits upon animals, in full view of pedestrians, vehicle traffic, and neighbors.

Stacey, we will return for twenty minutes or for two hours, with five activists or with forty. We will never stop coming back, until you make a public announcement that you are going fur free.

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