A+O Doesn’t Want Smoke With Houston Activists

Submitted by Texas Animal Freedom Fighters:

On Friday, January 22, Texas Animal Freedom Fighters joined the fight against Alice + Olivia. We are demanding that they end their sale of fur and make a public announcement that they are going fur free.

We walked through the Highland Park Shopping Center outdoor mall, holding our megaphones and signs low until we rushed into the store, where another activist was already inside, posing as a shopper, to ensure we would get in.

This campaign is clearly having an impact, because the lone employee knew why we were there before we could even speak (or, rather, yell). In fact, this location had been receiving phone calls today as part of a national action. And just to make sure, we left behind some literature for her.

Even from within the store, our chanting was loud enough that pedestrians came to watch and film us through the window. And when security kicked us out, we just used that as an opportunity to attract even more attention to the animals that Alice + Olivia tortures inside of fur farms every day.

We let off a smoke flare, making us impossible to ignore for the entire block of the outdoor mall, as colored smoke billowed into the air in front of the store.

We stayed as long as we could before the guards finally bullied us into leaving the shopping center. The smoke flare was still going off as we walked the long distance to the public roadway, prompting stares from everyone, who listened to our chants and saw our signs about Alice + Olivia.

After the disruption, one new activist said, “Wow, I want to do another one of those.” Too bad there aren’t two Alice + Olivia stores in Houston. I guess we’ll just have to come back to this one – over and over, until they go fur free.

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