Atlanta Activists Give A+O a Surprise

Submitted by Atlanta activists:

Alice + Olivia has seen massive protests nationwide, but still will not commit to going fur-free. So we decided that the best way for us to relax on a winter Sunday afternoon would be to head over to their Atlanta boutique and express ourselves with our full capabilities.

When we arrived in Buckhead Village, we found that A+O had posted two guards outside of their store, one stationary and one roving. Clearly, the hard-hitting actions across the country in the prior two days had an impact, and our hearts filled with joy at the thought of increased overhead for animal abusers.

We’re not sure what A+O thought they were accomplishing, but they certainly didn’t darken our day. When we returned after some food and coffee, their hired goons had left. And we made our move.

Entering the store with megaphones blaring, our message was immediately clear: stop tormenting innocent animals on fur farms. We stayed inside chanting and educating employees until our friends in the Atlanta PD arrived and asked us to move our protest to the sidewalk out front.

Despite our compliance, the police couldn’t resist cooking up some trouble in an effort to intimidate us out of exercising our First Amendment rights. But their shenanigans disrupted store operations and called the entire block’s attention to A+O’s animal cruelty better than we could have hoped to on our own. Thanks, officers. See you next time.

Alice + Olivia, you know that fur is cruel and outdated. Go fur free.

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