July 5-11: Week of Action Against Oscar de la Renta and Saint Laurent

CAFT is today announcing international campaigns against Oscar de la Renta and Saint Laurent, beginning with a week of action from July 5th to 11th.

What makes a good campaign target? A target that is winnable, that is well-suited to build upon for future victories. And together we will win against Oscar de la Renta and Saint Laurent.

We will ultimately beat every designer with proper strategy and timing. But when it comes to building a movement across the Atlantic right now, Saint Laurent is the best target for many reasons. And here at home, Oscar de la Renta is foolish if it does not announce a fur-free policy simply from seeing this press release.

Oscar de la Renta in particular has a storied animal rights history, with runway disruptions stretching back to the 1990s. Oscar, we invite you to contact us – but if not, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

At CAFT, we have only one goal: saving animals’ lives. That means we are singularly focused on maximum destruction against the fur industry. Not what is sexiest for social media. Not what feels good. Only winning – and that alone. Social media follows success. And the best feeling is victory.

Our model for success has proven itself. One aspect of this model is the use of short-term targets to energize more difficult campaigns. Oscar de la Renta represents the remnants of a dying industry in the United States, an industry that we will purge from this continent. And Saint Laurent represents a new era of hard-hitting anti-fur activism against European designers.

Next week, it’s time for the fur industry to learn a lesson. We never miss a beat. We strike with precision. And their days are numbered.

Let’s show Oscar de la Renta and Saint Laurent how the modern animal rights movement deals with fur.

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