Fur-Free Friday Beverly Hills!


Join Los Angeles activists on November 25th in Beverly Hills for the longest standing anti-fur action in the world: Fur-Free Friday. 

Animals are being skinned all across the globe for fashion moguls such as Louis Vuitton to turn them into commodities.  Millions of foxes and minks are depending on our success and they deserve more than our thoughts and prayers – they need action. This Fur-Free Friday  we need all hands on deck to push the fur industry over the edge. We need educators, agitators, and your everyday citizens working together so we can finally see: The Fall of Fur. 

How you can help make this event a success: 

Right now:

  1. Invite your friends on Facebook to this event page. 
  2. Bring everyone you know to Beverly Hills for this day of action Friday, November 25th. 
  3. Download the flier from the comments section or find it at caftusa.org and share to all social media platforms. 

The day of the march: 

  1. All signs and leaflets will be provided but you are encouraged to make your own as well. 
  2. Bring plenty of snacks and water. 
  3. Field organizers will be on site to lead the demonstration. 
  4. Enjoy the march – this is an event that is family friendly. 

Abolish the Fur Trade: 

This fight is not over until the last fur farm closes their door. The fur industry is at its lowest point in history but they have a track record that shows they are able to rebuild themselves when we do not finish the job. Many thought the industry would collapse in the late 90s. Pelt prices were at rock bottom and designers were staying clear from fur because of the negative attention. Fur, however, made a dramatic comeback and they can do it again unless we do one critical thing: abolish the fur trade. 

2023 California fur ban: 

On January 1st, 2023, California will become the first state to ban fur. This is a historical feat to be celebrated for years to come. But the brands on Rodeo Drive still sell fur around the globe. The end of fur is far from over. 

The Fall of Fur & Fur-Free Friday:

The day after Thanksgiving may be known as Black Friday by retailers, but for anti-fur activists it is an opportunity to disrupt business on the busiest shopping day of the year. This is a long-standing tradition known as Fur-Free Friday. 

With so much at stake, and the fur industry teetering on the edge, one day is not enough. Particularly when the Saturday after Fur-Free Friday is the 7th largest shopping day of the year. That is why this is the kick-off of a weekend of action happening all over the world.

 November 25th – 27th is the Fall of Fur. 

Other events for the weekend of action:

Saturday in Los Angeles : Click here.

Sunday in San Diego: Click here.


This event is open to the public and everyone is invited. Keep your drama at home. If you are a local organization around Los Angeles and want to be involved, please send us a message. We need all hands on deck. 

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