LVMH is not your average opponent, they are worth over 300 billion dollars and show no remorse for the animals they send to gas chambers on fur farms. Millions of foxes and minks are depending on our success and they deserve more than our thoughts and prayers – they need action. This November we need all hands on deck to overthrow LVMH. We need educators, agitators, and legislators working together so we can finally see: The Fall of Fur. 

Global Actions are vital for animal liberation:

LVMH is 13 times larger than every prior CAFT campaign target combined. 

They may have all the money and resources in the world but they will never have a community as dedicated as ours speaking out for animals. When you participate in a global action you are making the absolute most of your time. One city targeting an LVMH subsidiary on any given weekend may annoy our opponent, but dozens of cities across the globe standing up simultaneously to demand a fur-free policy is enough to bring even the most hardened animal abusers into a state of panic. 

Winner takes all: 

CAFT USA has launched eight campaigns total – and won every single one of them. Our strategy is not an untested theory, but a skillset we have learned to apply from nearly 20 years of experience in the animal rights movement. We have fought whalers in Antarctica, closed mink farms through non-violent direct action, defeated multibillion dollar corporations in international campaigns. The consequences are too high for guesswork and in the world of results-based pressure campaigns there are no participation points. 

Animals do not care how hard we tried, they care about getting out of cages. 

The Fall of Fur & Fur-Free Friday:

November 25th – 27th is not a random weekend selected out of a hat, but rather a tribute to the history of Fur-Free Friday and an exploitation of two of the largest shopping days of the year. 

The day after Thanksgiving may be known as Black Friday by retailers, but for anti-fur activists it is an opportunity to disrupt business on the busiest shopping day of the year. This is a long standing tradition known as Fur-Free Friday. 

With so much at stake, and the fur industry teetering on the edge, one day is not enough. Particularly when the Saturday after Fur-Free Friday is the 7th largest shopping day of the year. This is a weekend LVMH’s patience will be put to the test. 


If you want to see animal liberation, dust off those megaphones and find your local LVMH target. No action is too small and all levels of experience are welcome. We are excited to see your own visions in motion, all working towards a single purpose. We ask that you please submit an action report with pictures to let the world know.

If you have never hosted a demo or need help finding people in your area, contact us and we will set up a phone conference with your group. We are available to help every step of the way.

Animal liberation is not possible without The Fall of Fur. Abolishing the fur trade is not the end but rather the beginning of a

 resistance for animals. 


  • Avoid unnecessary risks and arrest. 
  • We do not target brands that are already fur-free such as direct subsidiaries of LVMH like Sephora or distributors like Neiman Marcus.   
  • Do not protest brands for issues outside fur.

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