Rebecca Minkoff is not only an animal abuser: she is a liar. In 2019 she confirmed with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that her company was fur-free. Starting today, for the first time in years, she is shipping out jackets made from the skins of tortured rabbits. 

Take action now and tell Minkoff to stop killing rabbits!

Rabbits on fur farms suffer immensely. They never get to socialize normally, or even so much as feel the grass beneath their feet. They are subjected to a life of pain, all so that Minkoff can turn their fur into a silly jacket. 

Minkoff has no excuse for her behavior & we are appalled that she broke her word to both the anti-fur movement and to the wildlife she enslaves. Here at CAFT, we intend to show Minkoff exactly what happens when designers make a false promise. 

We are calling on every activist that wants to see an end to fur to stand up against Minkoff – we need phone calls, online actions, education events and of course protests. Since Minkoff does not have a single storefront we are going to have to get creative to apply pressure. We will be protesting any company that is associated with Minkoff – starting with her parent company Sunrise Brands, and continuing on to Morgan Stanley and Sperry, some of her recent collaborators. It will be made clear that if you deal with Rebecca Minkoff, you will be hearing from CAFT. 

A message to Rebecca Minkoff: you can save your tears for the butchered rabbits you tailored to your recent collection. We demand a fur-free policy – nothing short of this will suffice. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Rebecca Minkoff has already removed the item of rabbit fur from her website! This is not the same as a fur-free policy. Rebecca has broken her promise to the animals once, we need Rebecca and her parent company Sunrise Brands to make a formal commitment to ending this archaic practice once and for all. 

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