After a rapid fire sequence of 11 actions over 14 days, Rebecca Minkoff has gone fur-free. And she couldn’t renege this time even if she wanted to, as her corporate owners Sunrise Brands have also received the message loud and clear, pledging their entire fashion conglomerate to a fur-free policy. 

We celebrate this win, and sleep well knowing Minkoff will never butcher another innocent rabbit again. 


Rebecca Minkoff does not have a single retail store, so this victory was achieved entirely as a result of secondary targeting. Rebecca Minkoff did not see a single protest against her brand directly, but rather we went after her business affiliates and collaborators. Case in point: Morgan Stanley – who recently did a bag collaboration – was targeted by the campaign with a loud office disruption last week. The focus of the campaign was on Minkoff’s parent company Sunrise Brands and their subsidiaries. Protests did not stop at the storefronts of Sunrise Brands, but were also held outside of the owners’ and board members’ homes – after all corporations are run by individuals,  why should they have peace and quiet while rabbits are dying on fur farms. 

Let this be a message to other designers considering reneging on their fur-free commitments – we will come for you & business partners. 

As designer after designer leaves fur in the past, the shame of those who cling to it increases. A new dawn is breaking, a sun raised by our collective efforts to abolish the fur trade.


We dedicate this win to the brothers and sisters of the minks who were recently liberated into the Ohio countryside. Thousands of minks were given a second chance at life, and for the first time, got to simply be minks. It is our promise to the families that still remain imprisoned at Lion Farms, that we will never stop fighting until the last fur farm is empty and wildlife no longer has to endure this nightmare. 

Thank you everyone for your continued support and tireless efforts. Animal liberation is possible – as long as we work together. 


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