Join Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade from December 15th – 26th for

12 days of action against LVMH! 

Winter is fast approaching and many of us are preparing for festivities with our families and loved ones. Soon celebrations with Tofurky roasts and eggnog will be filling the air with holiday cheer. But there will be no such celebrations for the foxes, minks and bobcats wasting away on fur farms. For them winter is a time where they can smell the rotting corpses from their brothers and sisters who were recently skinned for LVMH. We will not stand by idly as they die – especially when all of the biggest shopping days of the year fall in December. 

For retailers, December is a time to cash in on consumers’ crazed quests for the perfect gifts. For anti-fur activists, it is an opportunity to wreak havoc on an already struggling industry. CAFT plans on targeting retailers at their storefronts on every major shopping day this month. Let’s take a look at all the opportunities in December: 

Friday, December 23 – Friday before Christmas – 2nd busiest shopping day

Monday, December 26 – Day after Christmas, aka “Boxing Day”- 3rd busiest shopping day

Saturday, December 17 – Super Saturday – 4th busiest  shopping day

Saturday, December 10 – Second Saturday in December – 6th busiest shopping day

Thursday, December 22 – Thursday before Christmas – 7th busiest shopping day

Saturday, December 3 – First Saturday in December – 8th busiest shopping day

Sunday, December 18 – Sunday before Christmas – 9th busiest shopping day

Wednesday, December 21 – Wednesday before Christmas – 10th busiest shopping day

For clothing and accessory retailers, December is by far the busiest month of the year, making up 14% of annual sales. Business Insider stated “When you lose a day of sales between now and Dec. 25, you don’t make it up.” Furthermore, the closer we get to Christmas the more likely shoppers are to opt for in-store shopping rather than ecommerce to ensure they get those perfect presents in time. For this reason we will be putting a focus on Super Saturday and the Friday before Christmas to ensure that holiday sales are far from smooth and that every shopper within earshot knows what LVMH does to animals to maximize profits. 

But we won’t stop there… the day after Christmas marks Boxing Day, a holiday in the UK and many European countries that has been compared to the shopping phenomenon Black Friday in the US. For New Zealand & Australia it marks the number one shopping day of the year, and for CAFT, it will be the final day of protest for this global action to abolish fur. We intend for it to be a loud one. 

Global actions are vital for animal liberation.

We are confronting some of the most violent industries on the planet. They have infinite resources with a single priority: maximum profits. If we are going to stand a chance at defeating fur we need to stand together and target them when it counts the most. Our adversaries speak the language of money so we intend to bleed them of profits at every opportunity. 

Winter is Coming and we will not be spending it indoors relaxing by the fireplace, but rather on the streets in the rain and snow for 12 days of action for fur-bearing animals. 

See you in the streets, 


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