Introduction to the AGM and Paris Action

April 20th, 2023 is the most important date on the calendar for LVMH. On this day, Bernard Arnault and his corporate cronies will present their yearly financial report to shareholders. As a publicly traded company beholden to stock buyers, great efforts will be made to ensure that the event goes smoothly.

This is where the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade comes in. We will disrupt, demonstrate, organize and agitate, taking our demand of a fur-free policy straight to the CEO’s face.


All activists, new or experienced, who want to see an end to the fur industry. That is, whether animal liberation, earth liberation, or human liberation are your main motive, we must all work together to fight the goliath that is LVMH and the fur trade.


Paris, France *

*The primary objective is to gather the largest presence possible at the event itself. That being said, worldwide actions will be held in solidarity, so there will be opportunities to act in congruence for those who cannot be there in person!

**If there isn’t an event in your city, contact us to set one up!


April 20, 2023 – April 30, 2020

**Dates of Note: 

    April 20th – AGM

    April 22nd – Earth Day


Louis Vuitton-Möet Hennessy’s 2023 Annual General Meeting! The AGM is any publicly traded company’s most lauded day of the year. This is the time when the CEO invites all shareholders to attend, rub shoulders, and shmooze in person. During this time, all things fiscally-related will be mulled over at length. Our cheery crew will be there bright and early to breathe some energy into this incredibly dull event. We plan to make our message direct, clear, and loud enough for Bernard himself to have his ears ringing by the end of the day. However, the party doesn’t stop there! Actions will continue to be held for 10 more days following the AGM.*

*Rough schedule will be posted at a future date.


If there is ever a time for global unification, this is it! There are several reasons for this.


This event will be a massive gathering of all talking heads, decision makers, investors, and everyday shareholders at LVMH. It is the perfect opportunity to bring the campaign to all with vested interests in protecting the company’s image and, ultimately, their profit margins. This means, as activists, we must rise to the occasion and rouse the masses to bring everyone together.

As the saying goes “we will never back down.” It’s time to put our words into action.

Just over a year into this campaign campaign, and with covid travel restrictions finally waning, now is our chance to show up. LVMH was lucky last year to not have us there. Pressure is building, and their luck has run out.


Paris is LVMH’s home turf. It is pivotal that we bring our message not only to the AGM but to the businesses they own on their stomping grounds.


The campaign was announced on January 25th, 2022. This means the 15-month campaign anniversary lies in the dead center of this event. We have alluded since the very beginning to the fact that this is an escalating campaign, and have so far kept our promises not only by sticking to it, but also by growing in numbers and strength. The inclusion of dedicated European groups has been a monumental step in our march toward liberation. This is our chance to not only take it to the next level, but to unite and build upon our ideas and strategize toward abolishing the fur trade for good.

In addition to escalating and applying pressure, this event will be an occasion to build in strength and foster community. As a united front against a single target, we will become an unstoppable force never before seen by the industry.


Loud as ever. Let’s bring our trademark activist rambunctiousness and tear down the fur trade, once and for all, together.

… … …

We need every activist in every city to take action against LVMH on the day of the AGM. If you are able to come to Paris, we strongly suggest that you make this trip a priority as soon as possible. If you can make it for only a few days, please prioritize April 20th, as this is the focus of the week of action. 

Do not wait – make sure you have a valid passport, book your flight, and make sure to secure lodging now. Global participation is vital on this critical day. Let us not miss this opportunity to confront LVMH and all its decision makers, investors and shareholders. 

Only if we act together can we expect to achieve the seemingly impossible task of meeting eye-to-eye with the richest and most powerful person in the world. As a collective group we will achieve victories for the animals, and tear down the fur trade forever.

Please reach out to with any questions about participating in this global action.

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