Rebecca Minkoff is not only an animal abuser: she is a liar. In 2019 she confirmed with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that her company was fur-free. Starting today, for the first time in years, she is shipping out jackets made from the skins of tortured rabbits. 

Rabbits on fur farms suffer immensely. They never get to socialize normally, or even so much as feel the grass beneath their feet. They are subjected to a life of pain, all so that Minkoff can turn their fur into a silly jacket. 

Minkoff has no excuse for her behavior & we are appalled that she broke her word to both the anti-fur movement and to the wildlife she enslaves. Here at CAFT, we intend to show Minkoff exactly what happens when designers make a false promise. 

We are calling on every activist that wants to see an end to fur to stand up against Minkoff – we need phone calls, online actions, education events and of course protests. Since Minkoff does not have a single storefront we are going to have to get creative to apply pressure. We will be protesting any company that is associated with Minkoff – starting with her parent company Sunrise Brands, and continuing on to Morgan Stanley and Sperry, some of her recent collaborators. It will be made clear that if you deal with Rebecca Minkoff, you will be hearing from CAFT. 

A message to Rebecca Minkoff: you can save your tears for the butchered rabbits you tailored to your recent collection. We demand a fur-free policy – nothing short of this will suffice. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Rebecca Minkoff has already removed the item of rabbit fur from her website! This is not the same as a fur-free policy. Rebecca has broken her promise to the animals once, we need Rebecca and her parent company Sunrise Brands to make a formal commitment to ending this archaic practice once and for all. 

Campaign Update – November 2022

The results are in for the LVMH campaign and it is clear that CAFT USA has finally found a worthy opponent. At the time this was written there had been 244 protests against LVMH over the past 11 months. By far the most active CAFT campaign.

For nearly 2 years this global coalition has won every campaign with ease. Our campaign development team often overestimated timelines in previous campaigns to the degree that it became a running joke that our campaign team was akin to a TV weather forecaster when it came to predicted timelines.

Let’s take a quick look at how wrong we have been our

previous victories timelines: 

Monique Lhuiller

Prediction: 6 months

Fur-free policy: 14 days

Alice and Olivia: 

Prediction: 1 year

Fur-free policy: 18 days

Saks Fifth Avenue: 

Prediction: 2 years

Fur-free policy: 7 months

Neiman Marcus:

Prediction: 2 years

Fur-free policy: 67 days

Oscar de la Renta:

Prediction: 6 months

Fur-free policy: 2 months

Saint Laurent:

Prediction: 1 year

Fur-free policy: 4 months


Predication: 1 year

Fur-free policy: 4 months

Zegna/Thom Browne

Prediction: 6 months

Fur-free policy: 4 days


Prediction: 3 years – as long as it takes.

Fur-free policy: TBD

Our campaign team seems to have finally got the proper prediction. The good news: this coalition always wins and we have been looking forward to a challenge. 

Campaign developments: 

  1. CAFT Europe has joined the campaign with full force. Europe being involved is essential to beating LVMH.  
  1. Dior does not currently have fur. This is not the same as a fur-free policy but their fur items have recently been removed. Are they just waiting to re-stock in the winter! Time will tell. Until they make an official policy, we will be on their doorstep. 
  1. 244 protests in 10 countries. To beat Europe’s largest company (LVMH) we are going to need all hands on deck. Thank you everyone for your hard work.  

What we are up against: 

LVMH is not your average opponent, they are the most difficult target the anti-fur movement has and will ever have. They are the largest company in Europe, run by the second richest man in the world: Bernard Arnault. Bernard has a long history of ruthless and in some instances downright criminal business practices, earning him the nickname, “The Wolf in Cashmere.” LVMH is neither compassionate or vulnerable. In fact since the launch of our campaign against them their revenue has increased by 20 percent – they are thriving. LVMH is 13 times larger than every prior CAFT campaign target combined. 

LVMH’s history of violence and intimidation: 

LVMH has been the most violent company we have targeted. Activists have had their lips busted by overly aggressive guards, Dior attempted to frame activists by planting a bag on them and claiming that it was stolen, door handles were ripped off by over zealous guards prying them away from activists. Security has been spotted following and filming activists and there have been a handful of arrests. LVMH has had the most aggressive response out of all our campaigns. 

Note: NYC said specifically that Dior tried to frame activists for breaking a door – which they never did. The general feel overall is that LVMH targets are very aggressive to activists. 


Fendi is the single biggest reason LVMH will be such a difficult target. They believe in the archaic tradition of fur to a degree that their slogan is “Fendi is fur & fur is Fendi.” They work with organizations like Saga Furs closely – an organization that creates propaganda in favor of the fur industry. 

Just last week Fendi CEO Serge Brunschwig and LVMH’s group environmental development director Hélène Valade joined the Vogue Business Summit for a keynote session that highlighted Fendi’s unwillingness to remove fur from their collection. 

In May 2022 the son of LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, Antoine Arnault, told Business Insider that the brand does not have plans of going fur-free and that they would be investing in “lab grown fur” while simultaneously staying committed to real fur. Fendi was mentioned in this article as well: 

“Our mission is the ethical supply of quality furs to our customers who have chosen freely to wear fur, and we are unwaveringly committed to respecting everyone’s  opinion and freedom of choice” – Fendi

Plan of attack: 

Beating LVMH is not going to be achieved by brute force, but rather patience and an attention to detail. 


Consistency will win this campaign.

In short-term campaigns the strategy often requires a wave of activist pressure that shocks our opponent into swiftly making a fur-free policy. For LVMH, we are taking the opposite approach. Slow and steady is what will win this campaign. We need organizers minimizing risks of arrest and playing it safe more often than not. 

  • We anticipate this campaign taking years to win and we will be here until they do. 
  • Never get arrested intentionally. 
  • Consistency is key.

Planned Escalations: 

Pressure is created in many ways, do not confuse our suggestion for mitigating risks as a commitment to failure. We will beat LVMH. We have a series of landmarks outlined internally that will prompt escalations in strategy. 

Tactical escalations for local organizers: 

  • Increase the frequency of your protests. 
  • Target special events.
  • Keep them guessing and show up unannounced. 
  • Show up on major shopping holidays such as Black Friday and Super Saturday. 
  • Organize a phone action against your local LVMH target. 
  • Do a theatrical stunt and contact the media. 
  • Community building – grow your team. 

Supplementary campaigns: 

CAFT has always run complimentary short- and long-term campaigns alongside each other. 

We launched the campaign against Zegna Group/Thom Browne on the same day as LVMH. Zegna was picked as a target because they too had an achilles heel that CAFT could exploit. Zegna Group had recently announced that they were finally going to be listed on the NYSE and new investors were flocking to the opportunity. CAFT received an email the morning of their first public financial release in history that firmly proclaimed they meet all of our demands. This is our fastest campaign victory to date.

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of our next supplementary campaign. It’s just around the corner.

Coordinated actions:

The next global action is November 25th – 27th. The backbone of the animal rights movement is comprised of grassroots organizations in cities around the world taking action for animals.We will beat LVMH and the fur trade as long as we stick together and work smarter, not harder. 

A message to LVMH & the fur industry:

The animals imprisoned on fur farms are suffering as we speak. Every day that your brand continues to participate in this outmoded industry you are ensuring that this violence continues. 

Not only are you one of the few fashion brands still involved in this cruel trade, you are behind the times socially and politically. 65% of voters support the complete ban of fur in the United States. In January 2023 California will become the first state in the USA to completely ban fur. You are behind the times when it comes to social responsibility. The public is against you.

CAFT has a promise to both LVMH and the fur industry: 

Your assault on wildlife will come to an end. There are consequences for your actions and there is no obstacle the anti-fur movement will not overcome to ensure the freedom of fur bearing animals. 

A quote that embodies the ethos of this campaign: 

“We will travel to the ends of the earth to shut you down” – Lynn Sawyer

Campaigns cost money especially when you are going up against the wealthiest brands on the planet. If you are in a financial position to help, please donate by clicking here. 100 percent of the donations go to program materials and campaign work.

Fur-Free Friday Beverly Hills!


Join Los Angeles activists on November 25th in Beverly Hills for the longest standing anti-fur action in the world: Fur-Free Friday. 

Animals are being skinned all across the globe for fashion moguls such as Louis Vuitton to turn them into commodities.  Millions of foxes and minks are depending on our success and they deserve more than our thoughts and prayers – they need action. This Fur-Free Friday  we need all hands on deck to push the fur industry over the edge. We need educators, agitators, and your everyday citizens working together so we can finally see: The Fall of Fur. 

How you can help make this event a success: 

Right now:

  1. Invite your friends on Facebook to this event page. 
  2. Bring everyone you know to Beverly Hills for this day of action Friday, November 25th. 
  3. Download the flier from the comments section or find it at and share to all social media platforms. 

The day of the march: 

  1. All signs and leaflets will be provided but you are encouraged to make your own as well. 
  2. Bring plenty of snacks and water. 
  3. Field organizers will be on site to lead the demonstration. 
  4. Enjoy the march – this is an event that is family friendly. 

Abolish the Fur Trade: 

This fight is not over until the last fur farm closes their door. The fur industry is at its lowest point in history but they have a track record that shows they are able to rebuild themselves when we do not finish the job. Many thought the industry would collapse in the late 90s. Pelt prices were at rock bottom and designers were staying clear from fur because of the negative attention. Fur, however, made a dramatic comeback and they can do it again unless we do one critical thing: abolish the fur trade. 

2023 California fur ban: 

On January 1st, 2023, California will become the first state to ban fur. This is a historical feat to be celebrated for years to come. But the brands on Rodeo Drive still sell fur around the globe. The end of fur is far from over. 

The Fall of Fur & Fur-Free Friday:

The day after Thanksgiving may be known as Black Friday by retailers, but for anti-fur activists it is an opportunity to disrupt business on the busiest shopping day of the year. This is a long-standing tradition known as Fur-Free Friday. 

With so much at stake, and the fur industry teetering on the edge, one day is not enough. Particularly when the Saturday after Fur-Free Friday is the 7th largest shopping day of the year. That is why this is the kick-off of a weekend of action happening all over the world.

 November 25th – 27th is the Fall of Fur. 

Other events for the weekend of action:

Saturday in Los Angeles : Click here.

Sunday in San Diego: Click here.


This event is open to the public and everyone is invited. Keep your drama at home. If you are a local organization around Los Angeles and want to be involved, please send us a message. We need all hands on deck. 


LVMH is not your average opponent, they are worth over 300 billion dollars and show no remorse for the animals they send to gas chambers on fur farms. Millions of foxes and minks are depending on our success and they deserve more than our thoughts and prayers – they need action. This November we need all hands on deck to overthrow LVMH. We need educators, agitators, and legislators working together so we can finally see: The Fall of Fur. 

Global Actions are vital for animal liberation:

LVMH is 13 times larger than every prior CAFT campaign target combined. 

They may have all the money and resources in the world but they will never have a community as dedicated as ours speaking out for animals. When you participate in a global action you are making the absolute most of your time. One city targeting an LVMH subsidiary on any given weekend may annoy our opponent, but dozens of cities across the globe standing up simultaneously to demand a fur-free policy is enough to bring even the most hardened animal abusers into a state of panic. 

Winner takes all: 

CAFT USA has launched eight campaigns total – and won every single one of them. Our strategy is not an untested theory, but a skillset we have learned to apply from nearly 20 years of experience in the animal rights movement. We have fought whalers in Antarctica, closed mink farms through non-violent direct action, defeated multibillion dollar corporations in international campaigns. The consequences are too high for guesswork and in the world of results-based pressure campaigns there are no participation points. 

Animals do not care how hard we tried, they care about getting out of cages. 

The Fall of Fur & Fur-Free Friday:

November 25th – 27th is not a random weekend selected out of a hat, but rather a tribute to the history of Fur-Free Friday and an exploitation of two of the largest shopping days of the year. 

The day after Thanksgiving may be known as Black Friday by retailers, but for anti-fur activists it is an opportunity to disrupt business on the busiest shopping day of the year. This is a long standing tradition known as Fur-Free Friday. 

With so much at stake, and the fur industry teetering on the edge, one day is not enough. Particularly when the Saturday after Fur-Free Friday is the 7th largest shopping day of the year. This is a weekend LVMH’s patience will be put to the test. 


If you want to see animal liberation, dust off those megaphones and find your local LVMH target. No action is too small and all levels of experience are welcome. We are excited to see your own visions in motion, all working towards a single purpose. We ask that you please submit an action report with pictures to let the world know.

If you have never hosted a demo or need help finding people in your area, contact us and we will set up a phone conference with your group. We are available to help every step of the way.

Animal liberation is not possible without The Fall of Fur. Abolishing the fur trade is not the end but rather the beginning of a

 resistance for animals. 


  • Avoid unnecessary risks and arrest. 
  • We do not target brands that are already fur-free such as direct subsidiaries of LVMH like Sephora or distributors like Neiman Marcus.   
  • Do not protest brands for issues outside fur.