3 reasons to not protest LVMH for exotic skins

As an animal rights organization, CAFT USA has forced 9 fashion conglomerates to enact fur-free policies. While some may attribute our success to being the loudest voice in the room, the truth lies in our focused approach and reasonable demands. Aggressive tactics and overnight vegan expectations may garner attention online, but they do little to serve the animals we fight for.

If we are genuinely committed to animal liberation, we need a more pragmatic approach that yields tangible results.

Here are three reasons why protesting LVMH or any company without a fur-free policy for exotic skins is harmful. 

 1. Leverage is Lost 

Companies go fur-free when targeted by the grassroots for one simple reason: they want the protests to stop. 

If LVMH or any other brand believes protests will continue even if the demand to go fur-free is met then why would they go fur-free in the first place? 

It is vital that we stick to our word on this issue because it can make future negotiations between companies lack a positive outcome. For this reason CAFT USA also does not protest any companies that have recently gone fur-free for any issue related to animal rights. This is an act of goodwill to ensure positive outcomes for future campaigns. 

2. LVMH does not care:

Not only is LVMH not dropping exotics any time soon, they are in the news bragging about their investments. 

LVMH has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into crocodile farming. They currently employ over 500 people dedicated to exotic skins and in 2019 LVMH launched the first standard for responsible crocodile farming.

Does this sound like a company on the brink of banning exotics? We think not. 

3. Results Matter 

While this may be a hard reality for animal rights activists it is important to remember that our personal feelings are irrelevant. The foxes on fur farms do not care how hard we tried, they care about our success in taking another step towards the end of fur.

Similarly, the crocodiles awaiting a violent death in LVMH farms in Louisiana and Australia are no better off if we fight for them and fail. Due to LVMH’s current position on exotics, failure is inevitable. 


Protesting LVMH for exotics indagers the success of the anti-fur movement. 

Exotic skins are here to stay in the immediate future for LVMH. Confusing our demands to encompass both fur and exotics makes convincing them to adopt a fur-free policy nearly impossible. 

Fur is a stepping stone in the fight for animal liberation. 

Together, through well planned steps forward, we will see a day that no fox, bobcat or crocodile will be used as a product for luxury and greed. 



June 9 – 11, 2023

Fashion designers are removing fur from their ready-to-wear collections in preparation for the summer sales. While fur may be a seasonal affair for fashionistas and corporate executives, it represents a year-round cycle of suffering for animals confined to fur farms. 

In the months of April and May, minks on fur farms give birth. It takes a full month for the curious kits to open their eyes. What they find is a world of metal enclosures and a future filled with despair.

Join us on the streets from June 9th to 11th to demand that LVMH and Max Mara adopt fur-free policies. While fur may be seasonal for designers, the fight against fur is a year-round commitment for CAFT USA.

This June, we are launching an Endless Summer Against Fur.


LVMH and Max Mara Fashion Group are two of the last high fashion companies  propping up the fur industry. Fur’s status value in the capitals of fashion equates to economic value on the global luxury market.

LVMH: This is a difficult campaign, and we are in this one for the long haul regardless of how many summers we spend in the streets. As the largest luxury brand globally, helmed by Bernard Arnault, the wealthiest person in the world, LVMH owns iconic fur-selling labels such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Fendi. Given their industry influence, their commitment to a fur-free policy is crucial for achieving an end to fur. Failure is not an option. 

Max Mara: Italy’s stronghold is not giving up without a fight. If you have a Max Mara in your city, participation is the difference between life and death for fur bearing animals. 

Global Actions for Animal Liberation

We confront some of the most violent industries, driven solely by maximum profits. To stand a chance at defeating fur, unity and collaboration are essential. 

If there is ever a time to get active for fur bearing animals – it is during coordinated actions. 

No Action is Too Small

Regardless of the size, every action matters when we work together. Whether flooding the streets with protests or canvassing in front of your local Max Mara, each individual’s contribution is part of a collective effort. In a global campaign, one person can make a difference.

Tactics to Dismantle the Fur Industry

1. Demonstrations: Disruptive protests are the backbone of pressure campaigns. Every tactic in this list is beneficial, this one however is essential for success. 

2. Leafleting: Distribute concise and informative materials. Reach out to the organizing team for literature.

3. Video Outreach: Utilize the power of videos to raise awareness. Download and play our provided video loop.

4. Propaganda: Wheat Pasting—Download posters for wheat pasting, an impactful method to shame fur-invested brands. Stickers—Spread awareness easily with stickers. Order stickers by messaging us at organize@caftusa.org.

5. Canvassing: While we may not change the brands’ minds, we can educate their customers and the public. Public opinion supports the anti-fur cause, making this a perfect opportunity to ask for support .

6. Innovate: If you have an idea beyond the listed tactics, go for it. We welcome diverse approaches that empower you and your community to act for animals.


Remember to document your actions with videos and pictures, and send them to action@caftusa.org for inclusion in the action report.

Start planning an action in your city today.

CAFT Action Team





Decentralized campaigning is the organizing framework that enables small, scattered groups of activists to defeat the biggest corporations on the planet.

It forces those corporations to fight us on our terms, and It is only by unifying our efforts and focusing on a common target that we can make use of these strengths. 


The concept of decentralized campaigning is at the core of CAFT’s initiative to abolish fur. In this form of activism, individuals have the autonomy to participate how and when they want while maintaining the overarching strategy of the campaign.


Decentralized campaigns embrace all activists and all styles of activism

Whatever your skills, opinions, and experience, you have something important to contribute. When anyone using any tactic can take part, the resulting diversity of tactics is powerful.Take what you are good at and what you love, Find the right spot for you in CAFT’s campaigns, and know that we are here to help. The animals on fur farms need you



Luxury brands that kill wildlife for fur have unlimited money and power to fight us.  But when they are dealing with autonomous activists around the world, it is much harder to stamp us out.

Compared to these companies, our resources are minuscule. Decentralized campaigning takes this weakness and turns it into a strength. That reversal is a defining factor of good strategy.


Decentralized campaigns make space to learn, develop, and at times push boundaries.

They allow anyone to get involved, and work alongside experienced activists. The result is strong organizers and dynamic communities, and an expanded window of the dialogue of activism..


If you want to stage a protest, do it.

No permission necessary.


Thus far, decentralized campaigns initiated by CAFT have had a 100% success rate. The direct result: 9 companies and 43 brands fur-free. Among them: the 2nd largest fashion conglomerate on earth; some of the most stubbornly pro-fur companies in the business; and the top luxury department store chains in North America.

The Neiman Marcus campaign featured such a frenzy of autonomous activity that on multiple occasions, multiple flash demos by multiple different activist groups took place in the same city on the same day. The result of this decentralized mobilization: 61 actions in just over 2 months, and a fur-free policy at one of the world’s most prestigious and successful department stores. 


It is the goal of groups like CAFT to provide the research, infrastructure, resources, and roadmap to achieve victories together.

You will almost never catch CAFT discouraging actions – even when we think there is a better approach. Instead, we offer advice, guidance, and occasionally, constructive criticism. But you are in control of your participation – we are here to help every step of the way.

That said, “Decentralized” does not mean “Deficient” in standards and strategies. Every campaign needs unity of purpose and plan. Basic guidelines to fight to win:

  • Stay on topic. We are asking brands to go fur-freeNOT vegan. 
  • Never protest companies that have recently gone fur-free, for any reason. 
  • No tattle tales. Safe communities exercise their rights and remain silent.
  • Well-calculated risks help us win. Reckless risks destroy campaigns.

Right now there is a global week of action against LVMH. If you read this today and stand outside an LVMH store by yourself tomorrow, you have officially joined the campaign.

Reach out to our Action Team if you need help getting started – or ignore the formalities and get in the streets. 

CAFT goes to France! – Outside LVMH’s Annual General Meeting

Pour diffusion:

Jeudi 20 avril


Collectif SIPE




(Place du Louvre, Paris) – Le 20 avril, des organisations anti-fourrures du monde entier convergent pour organiser des manifestations contre LVMH, demandant au groupe de s’engager à mettre en place un règlement intérieur interdisant la fourrure dans les futures collections de leurs marques dans le cadre de leur « initiative de durabilité ». Des manifestations auront lieu lors de l’Assemblée Générale des actionnaires de LVMH, une assemblée annuelle organisée par le PDG Bernard Arnault, l’homme le plus riche du monde. Depuis le lancement de la campagne par la CAFT USA (Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade) en janvier 2022, plus de 400 actions ont eu lieu dans le monde, y compris en France, menées par le Collectif SIPE. Il s’agit de la plus longue campagne menée par la coalition qui, depuis sa création, a déjà incité de grandes marques comme Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue et Yves Saint Laurent à s’engager publiquement contre la fourrure.

Confronter l’entreprise la plus rentable d’Europe n’est pas une mince affaire. « Pour réussir,

il faut beaucoup de recherches, de dévouement et de travail acharné, mais aussi une attention toute particulière à l’histoire des mouvements qui ont réussi avant nous. Obtenir un engagement contre la fourrure est une victoire en soit, mais aussi un pas vers une société plus juste et équitable pour toutes et tous. Nous espérons non seulement remporter cette victoire pour les animaux non-humains, ce qui aura une répercussion sur l’ensemble de l’industrie, mais aussi apprendre et éduquer les autres militantes et militants aux stratégies efficaces », explique une militante de CAFT. « Il ne fait aucun doute que nous traversons une période de grande agitation et, espérons-le, de grands changements. »

Le groupe ne prévoit aucun ralentissement de la mobilisation et compte maintenir la

pression sur l’entreprise jusqu’à ce qu’elle accède à ses demandes.

Collectif SIPE – concevons et menons des campagnes de pression ayant des objectifs atteignables à moyen-terme.

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT USA) – existe pour mettre fin à jamais à l’abattage des animaux sauvages pour leur fourrure.


English Version:

Thursday, April 20 – Place du Louvre, Paris

On April 20th, anti-fur grassroots organizations from across the globe are converging to hold public demonstrations against LVMH; asking them to commit to a fur-free policy as part of their sustainability initiative. Demonstrations will take place during the AGM, an annual meeting held by CEO Bernard Arnault, currently the richest man in the world. Since the campaign’s conception by Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT USA) in 2022, over 400 global actions have taken place, including in France by the local group Collectif SIPE. This has been the longest standing campaign that the group has held, which since its inception has gotten large companies such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Yves Saint Laurent to publicly commit to going fur-free. 

Confronting Europe’s most profitable company is no small task. “To be successful takes a lot of research, dedication, and hard work – plus a fine attention to the work and history of successful movements before us. A single fur free policy is not just that – but a victory and a step toward a more just and equitable society for all. We hope to not only continue to achieve this victory for our fellow animals, causing a ripple effect throughout the industry, but to learn in the process and educate others based on what proves successful” explains an activist with CAFT. “It is no doubt that this is a time of great unrest, and hopefully – a time of great change.”

The group has no plans of slowing mobilization and plans to keep pressure on the company until they give in to these demands.


There is a new fur free initiative being put forward by Fur Free Seattle! Help put an end to the sale of fur in Seattle by signing the online petition here. 

If we are going to abolish fur we need to use every tactic we have – education , agitation & legislation.

The fur industry has been under scrutiny lately, facing an overwhelming amount of negative attention from the fashion industry, animal advocates, and even the general public.. With every campaign victory that the coalition to abolish the fur trade has accomplished,  it becomes harder and harder to find new designers willing to sell this archaic product. With fewer brands willing to stock fur based items on their racks, it opens the door for more local legislation to be passed without push back from an industry invested in fur. 

Don’t take our word for it, even industry insiders are recognizing this reality: 

“Fur is under attack like never before. Hardly a week goes by without news of some brand dropping fur, or a jurisdiction proposing to ban its production or sale. This tsunami of negativity fuels a self-reinforcing cycle: As major retailers (Saks, Neimans, Holt Renfrew) stop selling fur, successful brands (Canada Goose, Moose Knuckles, Mackage) have less incentive to stand up to relentless activist pressure – and, with less business at stake, it becomes harder for politicians to resist activist pressure for production or sales bans. Worse, the barrage of negative news can create the false but potentially self-fulfilling impression that “society” has decided it is no longer ethically acceptable to wear fur.” – Truth about Fur

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade USA (CAFT USA) has made our objective crystal clear – eradicating the fur trade once and for all. We believe that in order to do this we need to embrace every tool we have. We must educate, agitate & legislate. 

Support the Seattle Fur Ban Today by signing the petition, following them on social media platforms and spreading the word to your friends and family. 

There are many ways to fight fur. If you are looking for more ways to help join The CAFT Action Team.



For Immediate Release:



Tyler Smith



(Beverly Hills, CA) – On Saint Patrick’s Day Friday, Los Angeles Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade USA (CAFT USA) made their way to Marina Rinaldi to protest the fact the brand does not have a fur-free policy. During the protest, a struggle broke out, in which one of the security guards grabbed an activist’s sign and megaphone in an attempt to remove them. The activist did not resist his endeavors, prompting the guard to call for backup, as well as police presence. Upon their arrival, police took the activist into custody under charges of “disturbing the peace.”

This is the third arrest in the campaign thus far, and activists have not been dissuaded from showing up to protest the company’s continued sale of fur. CAFT USA’s campaign director Matthew Klein states “Physical aggression’s and questionable arrests will not stop wildlife advocates from speaking out against Marina Rinaldi. We will settle for nothing short of a fur-free policy.”

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT USA) – exists to forever end the killing of wildlife for their fur. CAFT USA has protests scheduled against Marina Rinaldi and their parent company Max Mara around the world to demand that fashion finally stops using fur.


Donate to the support fund at the link here.




Without action, our words are nothing more than idle threats. If we want to see changes in Max Mara’s policy, our demands need to be more than lip service. Organize a protest, call in, email blockade – anything to get their attention. 

Our campaigns are decentralized and everyone is encouraged to join. 


We are going up against one of the most violent industries on the planet: they are not going to give up by simply asking nicely. We want the CEO of Max Mara to wake up every morning wondering what the hell we will do next. 

Be the thorn in their side, the squeaky wheel that simply won’t shut up. 


The push to get Max Mara to go fur-free does not have to be a long one; the choice is theirs. Since the launch of our campaign,they have been removing fur from their website and locking their doors when activists show up for a protest. This can only be done for so long, and frequent actions are key to shortening the timeline to victory.

 The more demos the better. 


Protesting multiple times a week is exhausting and the reality is that only the most dedicated activists are willing to do it. That is fine, it does not matter if there is one activist or twenty. As long as Max Mara is annoyed, you have pushed them one step closer to going fur-free.  

3 activists with 3 megaphones are just as loud as 20 activists with 3 megaphones. 


Keep Max Mara on their toes by showing up unannounced!

We want Max Mara looking over their shoulder in anticipation of our next action. Show up right when they open, an hour before they close, or at their next event. Be unpredictable. 

If you have never organized an action, reach out to us by signing up for The Action Team. Does not matter where you are or who you are, we are here to help get you on the streets for animals. 


In December 2022, Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, became the richest person on the planet. Through cruel and ruthless business practices, especially towards animals, he has accrued a fortune of over 200 billion dollars. As the owner of 75 world renowned luxury brands, Bernard Arnault has all the resources in the world, and an immense amount of power. Yet he doesn’t use this power for the benefit of others; he uses it to poison our environment and massacre foxes, minks and raccoon dogs by the millions.

The innocent animals killed for LVMH’s bottom line are raised on farms where they never experience a day of normalcy in their life – others are trapped and ripped from their natural habitat. All while the toxic runoff from industrial fur farming operations destabilizes delicate ecosystems, threatening all wildlife. All so LVMH brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Fendi can sell fur coats.

Arnault and his conglomerate were always going to be the toughest opponent the anti-fur movement would ever face. With this recent development, that fact has become even more clear. It’s going to take nothing less than an internationally unified grassroots effort to force LVMH’s hand to go fur-free. Bernard Arnault may have all the money in the world, but he will never have our resolve. For the furred animals he continues to oppress for profit, we will carry on the fight.

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFTUSA) – exists to forever end the killing of wildlife for their fur. CAFT has protests scheduled against LVMH around the world. Join us on the streets for the upcoming global action against LVMH from 4/10 – 4/11.


For Immediate Release:

February 11th, 2023


Tyler Bauer

(424) 262-3960



Livermore, CA – Today is the second day of an international weekend of action against Max Mara. While activists from Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) were scouting a potential protest against Max Mara’s Livermore store, they realized that some of the items in the store looked suspiciously like real racoon fur. Upon closer inspection of the garments, the items were clearly labeled as “real fur” – violating California’s new law outlawing its sale. 

CAFT condemns Max Mara for this violation of the law and hopes that local authorities will take swift action against them to discourage other brands from following in Max Mara’s footsteps.

The fur trade has been struggling as an industry for the past few years with the recent trend of major fashion conglomerates enacting fur-free policies company wide. Often these policies have come after intense pressure from animal advocates. “We applaud Californians for taking a stand against fur – however, ending the sale of fur in California is not enough. CAFT wants to see a world where no animal has to die for a luxury garment.” 

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFTUSA) – exists to forever end the killing of wildlife for their fur. CAFT has protests scheduled against Max Mara around the world to demand that fashion finally stops using fur.


On Thursday, just 8 days after Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade announced their new campaign, two Los Angeles activists were arrested while protesting outside Max Mara. 

This 4-person demonstration is yet another example of how strong any action has the potential to be, regardless of size. After the first arrest, the remaining activists continued up until Max Mara shut their doors, which was followed by the final arrest. Both activists were kept overnight and released early this morning, only to head straight back to Max Mara and show them that our voices will not be silenced by arrests or intimidation tactics. The two are still facing charges and have court dates set to determine their fates. 

We have already incurred $2500 from these arrests and there is a possibility that fines and lawyer fees could raise that amount even more. Any and all help would be much appreciated. 

Once the police showed up the first activist was arrested for the possession of an “incendiary device” – the smoke flare – that later got reduced to possession  of a destructive device. This same activist was also charged with “defacing property” which we assume is for chalking a sidewalk a week ago (which we ourselves cleaned up after the protest was over)- both of these charges are misdemeanors. The other activist was arrested for allegedly “assaulting a police officer”. We are still unclear as to what assault took place but this is a felony offense and is a very serious accusation.