Welcome Max Mara Group to the campaign to abolish the fur trade! 

Max Mara Group is an Italian fashion conglomerate that is still holding onto the archaic fur industry. They currently sell the dead bodies of minks and foxes. Both of these animals are raised on fur farms, where they sit in tiny cages being denied even the most basic needs. They often cannibalize each other due to the intense stress caused by the fur industries’ inherent cruelty. 

Starting today Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade is making Max Mara Group our top campaign target. 

Max Mara has been protested many times by animal rights groups in the past and so far has resisted going fur-free. What does this mean for the campaigners at CAFT? It means we need to up the stakes and pile the pressure on Max Mara like they have never seen before. This means weekly worldwide protests, call ins, online actions – whatever it takes to get the animal abusers at Max Mara to commit to end the killing of wildlife for fur. 

In the spirit of making this round against Max Mara Group the one that convinces them to go fur-free, we will not only be protesting their flagship brand Max Mara, but all of the subsidiaries that fall under the groups umbrella – including the ones that do not sell fur.

Here are the targets: 

● Max Mara 

● Sportmax 

● Weekend at Max Mara 

● Pennyblack 

● Marina Rinaldi 

● Persona – by Marina Rinaldi 

● Marella 


● Intrend 

Marina Rinaldi and Sportmax may not sell fur, but they are part of the same corporation and an action against them is every bit as good as one against Max Mara when it comes to applying pressure. 

CAFT USA believes that good intentions are not enough when it comes to defending wildlife. Foxes suffering in cages do not care how hard we tried, they care about getting out of cages – they depend on our success. 

We can beat the fur industry – as long as we work together. Give us a hand by

helping in the following ways: 

Sign the petition – against Max Mara. 

Demonstrate – Set up a protest outside your local Max Mara (or LVMH target if you do not have a Max Mara or one of their subsidiaries in your city) On the ground protests are the heart of what has made CAFT successful. 

Educate – The options are endless, from wheatpasting posters around your city to gathering petitions. Education is a tried and true tactic for social change. Contact CAFT for materials.

Donate – Challenging the most violent industries on the planet is not cheap, your gift will ensure we can continue this fight for wildlife. 

Have questions on the campaign, or want to volunteer? Reach out and we will point you in the right direction. 

CAFT Action Team 

(424) 262-3960



Introduction to the AGM and Paris Action

April 20th, 2023 is the most important date on the calendar for LVMH. On this day, Bernard Arnault and his corporate cronies will present their yearly financial report to shareholders. As a publicly traded company beholden to stock buyers, great efforts will be made to ensure that the event goes smoothly.

This is where the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade comes in. We will disrupt, demonstrate, organize and agitate, taking our demand of a fur-free policy straight to the CEO’s face.


All activists, new or experienced, who want to see an end to the fur industry. That is, whether animal liberation, earth liberation, or human liberation are your main motive, we must all work together to fight the goliath that is LVMH and the fur trade.


Paris, France *

*The primary objective is to gather the largest presence possible at the event itself. That being said, worldwide actions will be held in solidarity, so there will be opportunities to act in congruence for those who cannot be there in person!

**If there isn’t an event in your city, contact us to set one up!


April 20, 2023 – April 30, 2020

**Dates of Note: 

    April 20th – AGM

    April 22nd – Earth Day


Louis Vuitton-Möet Hennessy’s 2023 Annual General Meeting! The AGM is any publicly traded company’s most lauded day of the year. This is the time when the CEO invites all shareholders to attend, rub shoulders, and shmooze in person. During this time, all things fiscally-related will be mulled over at length. Our cheery crew will be there bright and early to breathe some energy into this incredibly dull event. We plan to make our message direct, clear, and loud enough for Bernard himself to have his ears ringing by the end of the day. However, the party doesn’t stop there! Actions will continue to be held for 10 more days following the AGM.*

*Rough schedule will be posted at a future date.


If there is ever a time for global unification, this is it! There are several reasons for this.


This event will be a massive gathering of all talking heads, decision makers, investors, and everyday shareholders at LVMH. It is the perfect opportunity to bring the campaign to all with vested interests in protecting the company’s image and, ultimately, their profit margins. This means, as activists, we must rise to the occasion and rouse the masses to bring everyone together.

As the saying goes “we will never back down.” It’s time to put our words into action.

Just over a year into this campaign campaign, and with covid travel restrictions finally waning, now is our chance to show up. LVMH was lucky last year to not have us there. Pressure is building, and their luck has run out.


Paris is LVMH’s home turf. It is pivotal that we bring our message not only to the AGM but to the businesses they own on their stomping grounds.


The campaign was announced on January 25th, 2022. This means the 15-month campaign anniversary lies in the dead center of this event. We have alluded since the very beginning to the fact that this is an escalating campaign, and have so far kept our promises not only by sticking to it, but also by growing in numbers and strength. The inclusion of dedicated European groups has been a monumental step in our march toward liberation. This is our chance to not only take it to the next level, but to unite and build upon our ideas and strategize toward abolishing the fur trade for good.

In addition to escalating and applying pressure, this event will be an occasion to build in strength and foster community. As a united front against a single target, we will become an unstoppable force never before seen by the industry.


Loud as ever. Let’s bring our trademark activist rambunctiousness and tear down the fur trade, once and for all, together.

… … …

We need every activist in every city to take action against LVMH on the day of the AGM. If you are able to come to Paris, we strongly suggest that you make this trip a priority as soon as possible. If you can make it for only a few days, please prioritize April 20th, as this is the focus of the week of action. 

Do not wait – make sure you have a valid passport, book your flight, and make sure to secure lodging now. Global participation is vital on this critical day. Let us not miss this opportunity to confront LVMH and all its decision makers, investors and shareholders. 

Only if we act together can we expect to achieve the seemingly impossible task of meeting eye-to-eye with the richest and most powerful person in the world. As a collective group we will achieve victories for the animals, and tear down the fur trade forever.

Please reach out to with any questions about participating in this global action.


On New Years day of 2023, California made history by becoming the first state to ban the sale of fur. 

This is a massive win for animals that can not be overlooked. We applaud every activist that made this possible. 


The corporations we go against operate internationally, and as long as they sell fur anywhere in the world we will continue to protest them. We are not asking for LVMH to stop selling fur in California, we are asking for them to stop selling fur altogether. While this victory is a cause for celebration, it is imperative that this ban does not impede on our continued fight against the industries that still sell in other states and abroad


Not only do political campaigns and hard-hitting bans help make our work easier, but our campaigns make legislative work easier. “Fashion” lobbying groups that once represented brands like Saks, Neiman Marcus, and a host of other brands who have committed to fur-free policies, are no longer showing up to push back against legislation. 

Legislative and protest groups are all working toward the same goal: abolishing the fur trade. From the looks of it, we may get there sooner than we expected.

This ban is a monumental victory, however, the fight is still not over. No, these specific stores do not sell fur. Yes, we will continue to protest them. This is for the same reason that we still protest companies like Tiffany, Bulgari, and even Leslie’s Pool Supplies. The fact that a place does not actively sell fur does not mean their relevance in the campaign is null. 

The fight goes on, even in the fur-free stores of California. Why? Because it is the companies that we are targeting, not the people who buy from them.


Join us in the streets at our next priority event in Beverly Hills on January 29th, 2023. 

If you are not in Beverly Hills, plan your own event! Reach out to us at


2022 was an abhorrent year for the fur industry and a prodigious one in the fight to free animals imprisoned on fur farms. CAFT’s mission is to forever end the killing of wildlife for their fur, and with each campaign win, another step is taken toward that goal.

Together, we saw countless victories, from designers announcing fur-free policies to legislative victories that changed the landscape for the future of animals on fur farms. But what we find most impressive, is the collaborative work taken up by grassroots organizers around the world. 

CAFT is an all volunteer group made up of 5 individuals. What we achieved as an organization in 2022 is not the work of 6 people but rather the work of activists all over the globe, with one goal in mind: abolishing the fur trade.

In CAFT’s 2021 “Year in Review” we vowed to get Moncler to go fur-free. Together, we did much more, let’s take a look. 


  • On January 25th Moncler & Stone Island went fur-free after our 123 day campaign. 
  • On January 25th we launched two international campaigns, one against Zegna Group and the other against the world’s largest luxury brand: Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton (LVMH). 
  • On February 1st all of the Zenga Group pledges to go fur-free after 4 days of attention from CAFT. This included 13 subsidiaries including Thom Browne.
  • On November 21st we launched a campaign against Rebecca Minkoff – 14 days later Minkoff announced a fur-free policy. 
  • Over 2022 coalition to abolish the fur trade held 5 international actions resulting in 375 protests in 47 cities in 10 countries. 
  • CAFT Europe was launched and has since swept across the continent.  

Thank you for your support and commitment over this past year. CAFT looks forward to more victories with you over 2023. 

Read the full reports below. 


Our first success of the year came with a fur-free announcement by Moncler. Moncler was one of the world’s foremost purveyors of luxury ski jackets, and the marquee items in their collection all included the ripped off skins of blameless coyotes. Alongside Canada Goose (now also fur-free) Moncler jackets were pervasive in virtually every affluent cold weather neighborhood.

But they won’t be any longer, as after a powerful group effort that saw, at its height, one protest every two days, they caught up with modern times and announced a fur-free policy. Coyotes will be free to howl forevermore, unmolested by Moncler’s blood profiteering ways.

In addition to the basic strategy of hammering their retail locations, CAFT looked for an achilles’ heel. We found that in Moncler’s recent acquisition of the fashion brand Stone Island. Stone Island did not sell a single item of fur, but since they were now connected to a company that did, we focused our attention on them.

After four energetic protests at Stone Island, Moncler dropped fur just a few weeks later. Stone Island had no skin in the furred animal skin game, so this pressure on a secondary target was the final push necessary for the entire corporation to quickly announce their step toward sustainability. Cages that would have imprisoned baby raccoon dogs will remain empty due to our worldwide struggle for liberation. 


Our second win of the year came more swiftly than we could have even imagined. A mere four days after the launch of our campaign against Zegna Group, the world’s largest and most profitable menswear company, we received a letter confirming their sudden commitment to going fur-free.

This came on the heels of a rapid fire weekend of activism that featured an online comment initiative and three on the ground protests spread across Boston and LA. Zegna moved swiftly to enact a fur-free policy not because of 3 protests, but rather CAFT’s reputation for consistency. Once we latch onto a target we do not relent until we win. Zegna Group saved themselves the hassle of weekly protests worldwide.


Our third campaign victory of the year was won against the fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff. Unique among CAFT campaigns thus far was the fact that Minkoff had supposedly already dropped fur. She had pledged to PETA in 2019 that she would never use the skins of furred animals ever again. And yet, for the 2022 winter season, our team noticed that she was planning to release a full rabbit fur coat.

The only thing worse than an animal abuser is an animal abuser and a liar. We cannot allow brands to renege on their promises to drop fur. Anyone who goes back on the fur-free commitment will be mercilessly targeted.

Which is exactly what CAFT activists did. Rebecca Minkoff, due to financial hardships during COVID, did not have a single retail store. So we latched onto her parent company Sunrise Brands and, like the steel toothed traps used by our enemies, did not let go. Tags, American Rag CIE, and Hero Motors, all Sunrise Brands who do not directly sell fur, were each visited in some capacity. We also dropped by the neighborhoods of high-ranking company employees, including the gilded Beverly Hills gates of the corporation’s CEO himself.

After only 14 days of pressure, Sunrise Brands confirmed to CAFT that all 14 of their brands including Rebecca Minkoff would be instituting a fur-free policy, effective immediately. 


If no other achievement marked the year 2022, the resurgence of Europe as a powerful front in the battle to defeat the fur trade would have been enough. CAFT Europe, CAFT Denmark, Collectif SIPE and various other independent animal rights groups have taken on the LVMH campaign, and with this has come a surge of activism, on the doorstep of the most heinous fur offender LVMH.

The rise of Europe started in the Netherlands and has since spread to 8 countries in the EU. Danish activists have engaged in rough and tumble actions. German activists have held the line across their country. Spanish activists have shown no compromise. Activists in Paris have boldly disrupted stores and headquarters at the very heart of the LVMH empire. The momentum of the grassroots has reached massive proportions and shows no sign of slowing. This global unity is exactly what we need to defeat the fur trade.The rise of Europe makes a victory against LVMH inevitable and a world without fur possible.


Since the announcement of our campaign against the planet’s most powerful luxury conglomerate, North American activists have not backed down. Undaunted by LVMH’s colossal size and influence, New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami. Chicago, Boston, DC and more have all been consistent fixtures outside the doors of their brands and holdings. 

Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi and Loro Piana have been the main targets of our coalition as these are the most recognizable LVMH brands that still actively sell fur. But activists have also branched out, engaging in protests in front of stores such as Tiffany & Co and Rimowa. As the campaign burns on, we have even begun the process of letting tangential (but still LVMH-owned) brands like Uncle Julio’s and Leslie’s Pools know that if you deal in any way with Bernard Arnault and his sickening fur selling ways, then you deal with us.


At the beginning of this year, CAFT announced a monumental campaign. This campaign has set us up against the most challenging target the fur industry has to offer, the most lucrative corporation in Europe headed by the richest human being on the planet: Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH). 

Bernard Arnault’s cut throat conglomerate has always had a reputation for ruthlessness. In the 1980s, while still building his castle of skulls, Arnault fired nearly 10,000 of his employees in just two years. He has been called “The Wolf in Cashmere” and “The Terminator.”

LVMH is an enemy of all who seek justice and equality, and for the animal liberation movement, they are the catalyst to abolish the fur trade. 

Throughout the year, activists have persistently protested many of the conglomerate’s 75 brand holdings. We pressure both those who sell fur as well as those who do not, and lead with the motto: “deal with LVMH, deal with us!” This strategy is known as secondary targeting and its efficacy has been proven with 9 consecutive campaign victories and 43 brands going fur-free.

Beating LVMH is an ambitious goal, but an imperative step if we are to abolish the fur trade. LVMH owns nearly all of the large fashion houses still selling fur. Once they stop buying the pelts of tortured wildlife the fur industry will have lost a major structural component in the foundation of their existence. 

CAFT will beat LVMH. Future generations of wildlife depend on our success. 


Animals do not care how hard we tried, they care about results – they care about liberation. Since CAFT’s inception we have won 9 campaigns resulting in 43 brands going fur-free. This would not be possible without the hard work of the international coalition to abolish the fur trade. 

In 2022 we have collectively done 375 protests in 47 cities across 10 countries. 

Talk is cheap, action is everything.

Thank you to everyone that made this year’s accomplishments possible. 


Last night Los Angeles activists with Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade  took to the streets to protest LVMH subsidiary Celine having a runway show at the Wiltern. Both LVMH and Celine sell fur of wild animals including but not limited to mink and foxes. Shortly after the protest started, security guards tried to push a young woman to the floor. When another activist defended the woman they were also met with violence by security. 

We are appalled that this is the way that Celine, LVMH and the Wiltern deal with protesters, they should be ashamed. 

Watch the video below for all the action! 


Join Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade from December 15th – 26th for

12 days of action against LVMH! 

Winter is fast approaching and many of us are preparing for festivities with our families and loved ones. Soon celebrations with Tofurky roasts and eggnog will be filling the air with holiday cheer. But there will be no such celebrations for the foxes, minks and bobcats wasting away on fur farms. For them winter is a time where they can smell the rotting corpses from their brothers and sisters who were recently skinned for LVMH. We will not stand by idly as they die – especially when all of the biggest shopping days of the year fall in December. 

For retailers, December is a time to cash in on consumers’ crazed quests for the perfect gifts. For anti-fur activists, it is an opportunity to wreak havoc on an already struggling industry. CAFT plans on targeting retailers at their storefronts on every major shopping day this month. Let’s take a look at all the opportunities in December: 

Friday, December 23 – Friday before Christmas – 2nd busiest shopping day

Monday, December 26 – Day after Christmas, aka “Boxing Day”- 3rd busiest shopping day

Saturday, December 17 – Super Saturday – 4th busiest  shopping day

Saturday, December 10 – Second Saturday in December – 6th busiest shopping day

Thursday, December 22 – Thursday before Christmas – 7th busiest shopping day

Saturday, December 3 – First Saturday in December – 8th busiest shopping day

Sunday, December 18 – Sunday before Christmas – 9th busiest shopping day

Wednesday, December 21 – Wednesday before Christmas – 10th busiest shopping day

For clothing and accessory retailers, December is by far the busiest month of the year, making up 14% of annual sales. Business Insider stated “When you lose a day of sales between now and Dec. 25, you don’t make it up.” Furthermore, the closer we get to Christmas the more likely shoppers are to opt for in-store shopping rather than ecommerce to ensure they get those perfect presents in time. For this reason we will be putting a focus on Super Saturday and the Friday before Christmas to ensure that holiday sales are far from smooth and that every shopper within earshot knows what LVMH does to animals to maximize profits. 

But we won’t stop there… the day after Christmas marks Boxing Day, a holiday in the UK and many European countries that has been compared to the shopping phenomenon Black Friday in the US. For New Zealand & Australia it marks the number one shopping day of the year, and for CAFT, it will be the final day of protest for this global action to abolish fur. We intend for it to be a loud one. 

Global actions are vital for animal liberation.

We are confronting some of the most violent industries on the planet. They have infinite resources with a single priority: maximum profits. If we are going to stand a chance at defeating fur we need to stand together and target them when it counts the most. Our adversaries speak the language of money so we intend to bleed them of profits at every opportunity. 

Winter is Coming and we will not be spending it indoors relaxing by the fireplace, but rather on the streets in the rain and snow for 12 days of action for fur-bearing animals. 

See you in the streets, 



After a rapid fire sequence of 11 actions over 14 days, Rebecca Minkoff has gone fur-free. And she couldn’t renege this time even if she wanted to, as her corporate owners Sunrise Brands have also received the message loud and clear, pledging their entire fashion conglomerate to a fur-free policy. 

We celebrate this win, and sleep well knowing Minkoff will never butcher another innocent rabbit again. 


Rebecca Minkoff does not have a single retail store, so this victory was achieved entirely as a result of secondary targeting. Rebecca Minkoff did not see a single protest against her brand directly, but rather we went after her business affiliates and collaborators. Case in point: Morgan Stanley – who recently did a bag collaboration – was targeted by the campaign with a loud office disruption last week. The focus of the campaign was on Minkoff’s parent company Sunrise Brands and their subsidiaries. Protests did not stop at the storefronts of Sunrise Brands, but were also held outside of the owners’ and board members’ homes – after all corporations are run by individuals,  why should they have peace and quiet while rabbits are dying on fur farms. 

Let this be a message to other designers considering reneging on their fur-free commitments – we will come for you & business partners. 

As designer after designer leaves fur in the past, the shame of those who cling to it increases. A new dawn is breaking, a sun raised by our collective efforts to abolish the fur trade.


We dedicate this win to the brothers and sisters of the minks who were recently liberated into the Ohio countryside. Thousands of minks were given a second chance at life, and for the first time, got to simply be minks. It is our promise to the families that still remain imprisoned at Lion Farms, that we will never stop fighting until the last fur farm is empty and wildlife no longer has to endure this nightmare. 

Thank you everyone for your continued support and tireless efforts. Animal liberation is possible – as long as we work together. 



Rebecca Minkoff is not only an animal abuser: she is a liar. In 2019 she confirmed with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that her company was fur-free. Starting today, for the first time in years, she is shipping out jackets made from the skins of tortured rabbits. 

Take action now and tell Minkoff to stop killing rabbits!

Rabbits on fur farms suffer immensely. They never get to socialize normally, or even so much as feel the grass beneath their feet. They are subjected to a life of pain, all so that Minkoff can turn their fur into a silly jacket. 

Minkoff has no excuse for her behavior & we are appalled that she broke her word to both the anti-fur movement and to the wildlife she enslaves. Here at CAFT, we intend to show Minkoff exactly what happens when designers make a false promise. 

We are calling on every activist that wants to see an end to fur to stand up against Minkoff – we need phone calls, online actions, education events and of course protests. Since Minkoff does not have a single storefront we are going to have to get creative to apply pressure. We will be protesting any company that is associated with Minkoff – starting with her parent company Sunrise Brands, and continuing on to Morgan Stanley and Sperry, some of her recent collaborators. It will be made clear that if you deal with Rebecca Minkoff, you will be hearing from CAFT. 

A message to Rebecca Minkoff: you can save your tears for the butchered rabbits you tailored to your recent collection. We demand a fur-free policy – nothing short of this will suffice. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Rebecca Minkoff has already removed the item of rabbit fur from her website! This is not the same as a fur-free policy. Rebecca has broken her promise to the animals once, we need Rebecca and her parent company Sunrise Brands to make a formal commitment to ending this archaic practice once and for all. 

Campaign Update – November 2022

The results are in for the LVMH campaign and it is clear that CAFT USA has finally found a worthy opponent. At the time this was written there had been 244 protests against LVMH over the past 11 months. By far the most active CAFT campaign.

For nearly 2 years this global coalition has won every campaign with ease. Our campaign development team often overestimated timelines in previous campaigns to the degree that it became a running joke that our campaign team was akin to a TV weather forecaster when it came to predicted timelines.

Let’s take a quick look at how wrong we have been our

previous victories timelines: 

Monique Lhuiller

Prediction: 6 months

Fur-free policy: 14 days

Alice and Olivia: 

Prediction: 1 year

Fur-free policy: 18 days

Saks Fifth Avenue: 

Prediction: 2 years

Fur-free policy: 7 months

Neiman Marcus:

Prediction: 2 years

Fur-free policy: 67 days

Oscar de la Renta:

Prediction: 6 months

Fur-free policy: 2 months

Saint Laurent:

Prediction: 1 year

Fur-free policy: 4 months


Predication: 1 year

Fur-free policy: 4 months

Zegna/Thom Browne

Prediction: 6 months

Fur-free policy: 4 days


Prediction: 3 years – as long as it takes.

Fur-free policy: TBD

Our campaign team seems to have finally got the proper prediction. The good news: this coalition always wins and we have been looking forward to a challenge. 

Campaign developments: 

  1. CAFT Europe has joined the campaign with full force. Europe being involved is essential to beating LVMH.  
  1. Dior does not currently have fur. This is not the same as a fur-free policy but their fur items have recently been removed. Are they just waiting to re-stock in the winter! Time will tell. Until they make an official policy, we will be on their doorstep. 
  1. 244 protests in 10 countries. To beat Europe’s largest company (LVMH) we are going to need all hands on deck. Thank you everyone for your hard work.  

What we are up against: 

LVMH is not your average opponent, they are the most difficult target the anti-fur movement has and will ever have. They are the largest company in Europe, run by the second richest man in the world: Bernard Arnault. Bernard has a long history of ruthless and in some instances downright criminal business practices, earning him the nickname, “The Wolf in Cashmere.” LVMH is neither compassionate or vulnerable. In fact since the launch of our campaign against them their revenue has increased by 20 percent – they are thriving. LVMH is 13 times larger than every prior CAFT campaign target combined. 

LVMH’s history of violence and intimidation: 

LVMH has been the most violent company we have targeted. Activists have had their lips busted by overly aggressive guards, Dior attempted to frame activists by planting a bag on them and claiming that it was stolen, door handles were ripped off by over zealous guards prying them away from activists. Security has been spotted following and filming activists and there have been a handful of arrests. LVMH has had the most aggressive response out of all our campaigns. 

Note: NYC said specifically that Dior tried to frame activists for breaking a door – which they never did. The general feel overall is that LVMH targets are very aggressive to activists. 


Fendi is the single biggest reason LVMH will be such a difficult target. They believe in the archaic tradition of fur to a degree that their slogan is “Fendi is fur & fur is Fendi.” They work with organizations like Saga Furs closely – an organization that creates propaganda in favor of the fur industry. 

Just last week Fendi CEO Serge Brunschwig and LVMH’s group environmental development director Hélène Valade joined the Vogue Business Summit for a keynote session that highlighted Fendi’s unwillingness to remove fur from their collection. 

In May 2022 the son of LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, Antoine Arnault, told Business Insider that the brand does not have plans of going fur-free and that they would be investing in “lab grown fur” while simultaneously staying committed to real fur. Fendi was mentioned in this article as well: 

“Our mission is the ethical supply of quality furs to our customers who have chosen freely to wear fur, and we are unwaveringly committed to respecting everyone’s  opinion and freedom of choice” – Fendi

Plan of attack: 

Beating LVMH is not going to be achieved by brute force, but rather patience and an attention to detail. 


Consistency will win this campaign.

In short-term campaigns the strategy often requires a wave of activist pressure that shocks our opponent into swiftly making a fur-free policy. For LVMH, we are taking the opposite approach. Slow and steady is what will win this campaign. We need organizers minimizing risks of arrest and playing it safe more often than not. 

  • We anticipate this campaign taking years to win and we will be here until they do. 
  • Never get arrested intentionally. 
  • Consistency is key.

Planned Escalations: 

Pressure is created in many ways, do not confuse our suggestion for mitigating risks as a commitment to failure. We will beat LVMH. We have a series of landmarks outlined internally that will prompt escalations in strategy. 

Tactical escalations for local organizers: 

  • Increase the frequency of your protests. 
  • Target special events.
  • Keep them guessing and show up unannounced. 
  • Show up on major shopping holidays such as Black Friday and Super Saturday. 
  • Organize a phone action against your local LVMH target. 
  • Do a theatrical stunt and contact the media. 
  • Community building – grow your team. 

Supplementary campaigns: 

CAFT has always run complimentary short- and long-term campaigns alongside each other. 

We launched the campaign against Zegna Group/Thom Browne on the same day as LVMH. Zegna was picked as a target because they too had an achilles heel that CAFT could exploit. Zegna Group had recently announced that they were finally going to be listed on the NYSE and new investors were flocking to the opportunity. CAFT received an email the morning of their first public financial release in history that firmly proclaimed they meet all of our demands. This is our fastest campaign victory to date.

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of our next supplementary campaign. It’s just around the corner.

Coordinated actions:

The next global action is November 25th – 27th. The backbone of the animal rights movement is comprised of grassroots organizations in cities around the world taking action for animals.We will beat LVMH and the fur trade as long as we stick together and work smarter, not harder. 

A message to LVMH & the fur industry:

The animals imprisoned on fur farms are suffering as we speak. Every day that your brand continues to participate in this outmoded industry you are ensuring that this violence continues. 

Not only are you one of the few fashion brands still involved in this cruel trade, you are behind the times socially and politically. 65% of voters support the complete ban of fur in the United States. In January 2023 California will become the first state in the USA to completely ban fur. You are behind the times when it comes to social responsibility. The public is against you.

CAFT has a promise to both LVMH and the fur industry: 

Your assault on wildlife will come to an end. There are consequences for your actions and there is no obstacle the anti-fur movement will not overcome to ensure the freedom of fur bearing animals. 

A quote that embodies the ethos of this campaign: 

“We will travel to the ends of the earth to shut you down” – Lynn Sawyer

Campaigns cost money especially when you are going up against the wealthiest brands on the planet. If you are in a financial position to help, please donate by clicking here. 100 percent of the donations go to program materials and campaign work.

Fur-Free Friday Beverly Hills!


Join Los Angeles activists on November 25th in Beverly Hills for the longest standing anti-fur action in the world: Fur-Free Friday. 

Animals are being skinned all across the globe for fashion moguls such as Louis Vuitton to turn them into commodities.  Millions of foxes and minks are depending on our success and they deserve more than our thoughts and prayers – they need action. This Fur-Free Friday  we need all hands on deck to push the fur industry over the edge. We need educators, agitators, and your everyday citizens working together so we can finally see: The Fall of Fur. 

How you can help make this event a success: 

Right now:

  1. Invite your friends on Facebook to this event page. 
  2. Bring everyone you know to Beverly Hills for this day of action Friday, November 25th. 
  3. Download the flier from the comments section or find it at and share to all social media platforms. 

The day of the march: 

  1. All signs and leaflets will be provided but you are encouraged to make your own as well. 
  2. Bring plenty of snacks and water. 
  3. Field organizers will be on site to lead the demonstration. 
  4. Enjoy the march – this is an event that is family friendly. 

Abolish the Fur Trade: 

This fight is not over until the last fur farm closes their door. The fur industry is at its lowest point in history but they have a track record that shows they are able to rebuild themselves when we do not finish the job. Many thought the industry would collapse in the late 90s. Pelt prices were at rock bottom and designers were staying clear from fur because of the negative attention. Fur, however, made a dramatic comeback and they can do it again unless we do one critical thing: abolish the fur trade. 

2023 California fur ban: 

On January 1st, 2023, California will become the first state to ban fur. This is a historical feat to be celebrated for years to come. But the brands on Rodeo Drive still sell fur around the globe. The end of fur is far from over. 

The Fall of Fur & Fur-Free Friday:

The day after Thanksgiving may be known as Black Friday by retailers, but for anti-fur activists it is an opportunity to disrupt business on the busiest shopping day of the year. This is a long-standing tradition known as Fur-Free Friday. 

With so much at stake, and the fur industry teetering on the edge, one day is not enough. Particularly when the Saturday after Fur-Free Friday is the 7th largest shopping day of the year. That is why this is the kick-off of a weekend of action happening all over the world.

 November 25th – 27th is the Fall of Fur. 

Other events for the weekend of action:

Saturday in Los Angeles : Click here.

Sunday in San Diego: Click here.


This event is open to the public and everyone is invited. Keep your drama at home. If you are a local organization around Los Angeles and want to be involved, please send us a message. We need all hands on deck.