Max Mara Fashion Group

Welcome Max Mara Group to the campaign to abolish the fur trade! 

Max Mara Group is an Italian fashion conglomerate that is still holding onto the archaic fur industry. They currently sell the dead bodies of minks and foxes. Both of these animals are raised on fur farms, where they sit in tiny cages being denied even the most basic needs. They often cannibalize each other due to the intense stress caused by the fur industries’ inherent cruelty. 

Starting today Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade is making Max Mara Group our top campaign target. 

Max Mara has been protested many times by animal rights groups in the past and so far has resisted going fur-free. What does this mean for the campaigners at CAFT? It means we need to up the stakes and pile the pressure on Max Mara like they have never seen before. This means weekly worldwide protests, call ins, online actions – whatever it takes to get the animal abusers at Max Mara to commit to end the killing of wildlife for fur. 

In the spirit of making this round against Max Mara Group the one that convinces them to go fur-free, we will not only be protesting their flagship brand Max Mara, but all of the subsidiaries that fall under the groups umbrella – including the ones that do not sell fur. 

Here are the targets: 

  • Max Mara
  • Sportmax
  • Weekend at Max Mara 
  • Pennyblack
  • Marina Rinaldi
  • Persona – by Marina Rinaldi
  • Marella
  • iBLUES
  • Intrend

Marina Rinaldi and Sportmax may not sell fur, but they are part of the same corporation and an action against them is every bit as good as one against Max Mara when it comes to applying pressure. 

CAFT USA believes that good intentions are not enough when it comes to defending wildlife. Foxes suffering in cages do not care how hard we tried, they care about getting out of cages – they depend on our success. 

We can beat the fur industry – as long as we work together. Give us a hand by helping in the following ways: 

  • Sign the petition – against Max Mara. 
  • Demonstrate – Set up  a protest outside your local Max Mara (or LVMH target if you do not have a Max Mara or one of their subsidiaries in your city). On the ground protests are the heart of what has made CAFT successful. 
  • Educate – The options are endless, from wheatpasting posters around your city to gathering petitions. Education is a tried and true tactic for social change. Contact CAFT for materials. 
  • Donate – Challenging the most violent industries on the planet is not cheap, your gift will ensure we can continue this fight for wildlife. 

Have questions on the campaign, or want to volunteer? Reach out and we will point you in the right direction. 

CAFT Action Team

‪(424) 262-3960‬