Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade USA exists to forever end the killing of animals for their fur. We will dismantle the industry’s retail sector by forcing one company after another to abandon fur until the entire industry collapses.

Why Fur?

The fur industry is dying. Fur farms have been decreasing in number for decades, and in the past four years, the decline has been dramatic. And Covid-19 has intensified the trend by contracting retail markets and infecting mink farms worldwide.

The result has been the bankruptcy of North America’s last fur auction house, and an end to the farming and auction of mink in Denmark, previously the world’s top producer.

At the 2020 meeting of the Fur Commission USA, the industry’s United States trade group, CEO Michael Whelan noted that the organization was over $400,000 in the red for the year and stated, “A lot of people aren’t sure if there is still going to be [fur] ranching this time next year.”

Among all industries of animal abuse, the fur industry is uniquely vulnerable. Now is the time to strike.

Our Theory of Change: Results-Based Campaigning

The end of fur is one stepping stone on the path to total animal liberation. But it won’t happen with wishful thinking. Good campaigns have one thing in common: results.

We base our campaigns on multiple factors: impact on the fur industry, national accessibility, and most importantly, a clear path to victory. 

This is why we cultivate both short and long-term campaign targets and commit to unrelenting activity against each one until they abandon fur.

A Strategy to Win

Corporations speak in the language of money, and we must do the same. We map out companies, determine their vulnerabilities, analyze their business relationships, and develop plans to escalate until it is in their best interest to stop selling fur. We hit them where it hurts – their profit margins.

Animals on fur farms do not need more time spent on education. Public opinion is already on our side—so much so that in 2013, Fur Commission USA gave up on public relations work.

What animals on fur farms need is targeted pressure against the companies that continue to disregard society’s changing moral paradigm. The history of pressure campaigns demonstrates the effectiveness of national, coordinated campaigns against one or two companies at a time. 

Sometimes, the most impactful strategy is to target specific fur retailers’ secondary and tertiary business partners. These campaigns turn fur retailers into untouchable industry pariahs. Faced with our campaign, their vital business partners begin to pressure them, and prospective business partners stay away. Often, these business partners have nothing to do with fur – but this lack of investment in the fur industry can work to our advantage – they may be that much easier to sway.

Innovative strategy is the key to victory.

Diversity of Tactics

CAFT USA is firmly committed to using legal, nonviolent tactics as the key to victory, and we celebrate a diversity of tactics in our campaigns, from making phone calls to Constitutionally-protected residential picketing at the homes of corporate directors and officers. However you want to get involved, there is a place for everyone.


It is incumbent upon us to abolish the fur trade as soon as possible. We can and will stop the killing of animals for their fur, and once we do, CAFT USA will transition to fight the next battles in the struggle for total animal liberation.