Results based campaigns are the building blocks for animal liberation.

Monique Lhuillier learned the hard way, who’s next?

CAFT launched the Monique Lhuillier campaign on Fur Free Friday in 2020. After 14 days, Monique dropped fur. This was not luck. Read our statement on the win below.

Stacey Bendet is a vegan that sells fur?

Stacey Bendet the owner of Alice and Olivia would like you to believe that she is a compassionate individual. After all she is a self proclaimed vegan and even caters to our community with vegan leather products in her collection. Only problem is, she still sells and wears fur! Alice and Olivia is CAFT’s top target. Click on the link below to find out more.

Saks Fifth Avenue has been a protested by the animal rights movement since the 1990’s.

They have seen decades of protests and have yet to show any signs of making the compassionate decision. So CAFT will be taking on Saks in way they have never seen before. With a series of escalations, this company’s days dealing with fur are numbered. Click below to learn more.