Rebecca Minkoff is not only an animal abuser: she is a liar.

In 2019 she confirmed with PeTA that her company was fur-free. Starting today, for the first time in years, she is shipping out jackets made from the skins of tortured rabbits. 

Hit the streets for the Fall of Fur!

If you want to see animal liberation, dust off those megaphones and find your local LVMH target. No action is too small and all levels of experience are welcome.

Winner takes all

There are no participation points in pressure campaigns, you either win or lose. So far we have won 8 for 8. 

Fur-Free Friday Beverly Hills!

HIT THE STREETS FOR A MARCH AGAINST FUR! Join Los Angeles activists on November 25th in Beverly Hills for the longest standing anti-fur action in the world: Fur-Free Friday.  Animals are being skinned all across the globe for fashion moguls such as Louis Vuitton to turn them into commodities.  Millions of foxes and minks are … Continue reading Fur-Free Friday Beverly Hills!

Getting Assaulted: Dealing with Physical Confrontation at Protests

Fashion companies who sell fur are happy to hurt animals to protect their profits. So it’s no surprise that these agents of violence can become physically aggressive against animal activists. We have heard many accounts – and experienced some ourselves – of employees pushing, grabbing, striking, even kicking activists. And by no means have luxury … Continue reading Getting Assaulted: Dealing with Physical Confrontation at Protests

“Abolishing the fur industry is only one necessary step in the struggle for animal liberation. It is foolish to think we will achieve liberation without first putting in the hard work to take down one of the weakest links in the chain of animal exploitation”


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