Activist Disrupts Connecticut A+O While on Road Trip

Submitted by a vegan traveler:

While driving to visit my sister, I decided to stop by Alice + Olivia in Greenwich, Connecticut.  I couldn’t drive through a town that has an Alice + Olivia and not stop to disrupt their business.

One of my non activist friends went inside the store undercover to pretend to be shopping so that she could catch the disruption on video. Although she is not an activist, she knows how despicable the fur industry is and she was eager to help. 

I went in the store with my sign and message of compassion. I told the employees that we (animal rights activists) will peacefully protest at every store, in every city, until their CEO Stacey makes the compassionate decision to stop selling fur.  I peacefully walked out of the store  and then I then stood outside and chanted  with my megaphone.  Alice + Olivia’s neighbors deserve to know that they support the cruel and horrific  fur industry. 

While doing activism alone may seem brave, and it did take a lot of courage for me to do (I had to give myself a pep talk before) It is always safest when other activists are their to support you and have your back in case anything unexpected happens. 

Alice + Olivia,  please make the compassionate decision to go fur free!

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